Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Murphy Bag Knitting Needle Case

I've learned so much in the year I have been taking knitting classes at the Franklin Mill Store. This is my most recent project, it's a swing coat with the softest Marino wool yarn and old mismatched buttons from my button box. 

I've also been busy making knitting needle cases. My knitting classmates have been spreading the word. I always appreciate a referral.

I've been enjoying revisiting fun fabrics from my stash and combining them in fun ways. 

I machine quilt each one and add some Swarovski crystals for good measure. 

Each case has a zippered pocket to hold all the small notions.

 They're 20"x16" designed to hold your straight and circular needles, crochet hooks, and notions. 

I plan to write a pattern so you can make your own, I will work on this in May. 

 You can see more examples in my 

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suz said...

I'd be very interested in your needlework accessories bag pattern. Do get a pattern ready - it should be very popular.