Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Murphy Bag Needle Case

I'm taking a knitting class at The Franklin Mill Store on Friday mornings. I've begun collecting needles and other supplies and so I needed something to keep all the lot in. I made this using images I found online.

It's quilted and has Swarovski crystals (of course)

The zippered pouch has all the little stuff in it.

I wanted to make sure I could fit my circular needles as well as my traditional ones.

My first project were these mittens. The one on the left was made first. I got tennis elbow for the first time from knitting so my instructor showed me how to loosen up my knitting and hence, the second mitten (on the right) is bigger than the first! I was totally bummed. I'll make a third, using smaller needles to replicate the first and better fitting mitten.

This is my second and current project, a scarf. The yarn is delicious! I'm loving the circular needles.

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