Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tutorial Embellishing your Favorite Tshirts with Lace and other Stuff


My friend Kathy came over last month and we worked on altering old T-shirts. We had lots of ideas and I was inspired. Below are three tops I made using old pieces of hand dyed crocheted doilies and leftovers from another quilt project. 

1 I cut away the background, saving it for a future project, and used only the main center motif. (see photo below)

2 I trimmed as close to the leaves and stem as possible. If there is a little left its OK you'll catch it when you zig zag it down. 

3 I laid the motif out centered on the T-shirt slightly above the middle. I used a chalk pencil to mark where it should generally be in all directions. 

4 I applied some basting glue to the exterior leaves so I wouldn't have to use pins.

5 I affixed a square of ultra thin fusible stabilizer to the wrong side of the shirt, making sure my stabilizer covers the entire motif. Follow directions for fusing. 

6 Turn shirt right side out and be careful to expose only the front of the shirt when you begin tacking, making sure you're not catching the back of the shirt. I used a cotton thread on top and in the bobbin. I used a medium width and length zig zag stitch to tack in down. You can play with the stitch length and width. I was careful to stitch down all of the outside areas. It didn't take long at all.  

supplies you'll need

I cut away the background from an old table cloth I hand dyed.

                           after appliquing it down 

These are some left over pieces from a quilt. I used a blanket stitch to hold them down. They already had Mistyfuse on them so I used that to tack them down. I didn't need to stabelized. 

I added several pieces to this top, it took a while to find a pleasing grouping. The good news is, it covers a stain!