Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Murphy Bag Needle Case

I'm taking a knitting class at The Franklin Mill Store on Friday mornings. I've begun collecting needles and other supplies and so I needed something to keep all the lot in. I made this using images I found online.

It's quilted and has Swarovski crystals (of course)

The zippered pouch has all the little stuff in it.

I wanted to make sure I could fit my circular needles as well as my traditional ones.

My first project were these mittens. The one on the left was made first. I got tennis elbow for the first time from knitting so my instructor showed me how to loosen up my knitting and hence, the second mitten (on the right) is bigger than the first! I was totally bummed. I'll make a third, using smaller needles to replicate the first and better fitting mitten.

This is my second and current project, a scarf. The yarn is delicious! I'm loving the circular needles.

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Nature at my house fall 2013

This lovely little friend revealed herself daily in different spots around my deck during September and October. 

In the door jam.

In the plant.

On the sliding glass door.

On the siding.

On the railing.

On the table.

On the bench.

Such an amazing bug!

Can you see this big frog? Nature's so cool.

This tree behind my house was full of sparrows, reminded me of the Steven King book The Dark Half. They fly by my yard everyday, there must be hundreds!

I couldn't post without recognizing the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series!!!!!!!! When I hung this up on the fridge I had little hope they would go on to win the whole thing??? From worst to first :)

Go sox!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tutorial Embellishing your Favorite Tshirts with Lace and other Stuff


My friend Kathy came over last month and we worked on altering old T-shirts. We had lots of ideas and I was inspired. Below are three tops I made using old pieces of hand dyed crocheted doilies and leftovers from another quilt project. 

1 I cut away the background, saving it for a future project, and used only the main center motif. (see photo below)

2 I trimmed as close to the leaves and stem as possible. If there is a little left its OK you'll catch it when you zig zag it down. 

3 I laid the motif out centered on the T-shirt slightly above the middle. I used a chalk pencil to mark where it should generally be in all directions. 

4 I applied some basting glue to the exterior leaves so I wouldn't have to use pins.

5 I affixed a square of ultra thin fusible stabilizer to the wrong side of the shirt, making sure my stabilizer covers the entire motif. Follow directions for fusing. 

6 Turn shirt right side out and be careful to expose only the front of the shirt when you begin tacking, making sure you're not catching the back of the shirt. I used a cotton thread on top and in the bobbin. I used a medium width and length zig zag stitch to tack in down. You can play with the stitch length and width. I was careful to stitch down all of the outside areas. It didn't take long at all.  

supplies you'll need

I cut away the background from an old table cloth I hand dyed.

                           after appliquing it down 

These are some left over pieces from a quilt. I used a blanket stitch to hold them down. They already had Mistyfuse on them so I used that to tack them down. I didn't need to stabelized. 

I added several pieces to this top, it took a while to find a pleasing grouping. The good news is, it covers a stain!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Murphy Bags for Fall 2013

 I've been busy making Murphy Bags!

I made this bag for a special friend, she was a dear friend of my Aunt Aggie's. We have a special bond. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend. 

The fabric is from The City Quilter in NYC, isn't it fabulous?!

New Large Tote Murphy Bag - this bag is perfect for a school bag, diaper bag, travel bag, dance bag, etc. There are 6 pockets in the interior, it's lightweight and machine washable. 

If you want this bag click on the the buy now button!


Bridesmaids gifts! The bride chose the fabric and zippers, they were really a great idea! This is another great New York City fabric, wonderful text. 

This is a commissioned backpack for a lovely middle-schooler.
She chose all of the fabrics and I added in pieces of vintage hand dyed stuff.  

My one of a kind Murphy Bags, iPad cases and key rings are for sale at A Little Common Sense in Upton, MA

I'm working on some quilts too, they'll be in my next blog post. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book winner announced!!!

The winner of the Rotary Cut Applique with Leaves Galore Templates book giveaway is......... Donna I hope you enjoy it and thanks to everyone who left a comment.

New commissioned Murphy Bag school bag for my daughter's friend. She chose the fabrics!

I have a new app that I love- it's called THIS IS SAND and it so much fun and relaxing. Be sure to check out the users gallery for inspiration.

I snapped this photo in a parking lot. The day was overcast and allowed for the beautiful colors to be revealed.

I received an email from a Staff Sargent in the Army inquiring about the neck coolers I've made in the past. She thought they would help her troops in the heat of Afghanistan. I had a few friends come over to help make them. A few kind Facebook friends wanted to help pay for shipping, etc. I filled this box with candy, gum, a visa gift card and other goodies.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Give Away - Rotary Cut Applique with Leaves Galore Templates by Sue Pelland

I'm giving away a copy of Sue Pelland's book Rotary Cut Applique with Leaves Galore Templates. I posted about the give away here, unfortunately Google+ had a stupid requirement that you join Google+ in order to comment. Understandably I only had a few comments. I have disabled that requirement and hope you'll comment to win this great book. If you left a comment on the other post you will, of course, be included :) 

Here are a few quilts I've made using the Leaves Galore Template.


Here is the book you'll be winning!

Leave me a comment about the last quilt you made for someone else. I'll announce the winner in my next blog post.