Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winging It part II

I made some more blocks for my butterfly quilt Winging It. I made 7 total and have 5 left to make. I love choosing the fabrics. Each one is a different batik with 4 of my hand dyed fabrics and some purchased hand dyed. I used a coloring book to get the outside shape and then designed the inside however I wanted to.

I was going to use black thread for all of the stitching but changed and used an accrue to match the background fabric. I used Mistyfuse - this project wouldn't be possible with out it! I am making such tiny cuts. Also I have had to move them around and with mistyfuse I can pull it apart (I do it when it's cool to the touch) and reposition. To applique them down I'm doing a tiny zig-zag stitch free motion so I don't have to stabilize! I don't like to stabilize. I did stabilize this pink block but not the blue one below. There is a bit more puckering but I can live with it - I'll quilt it out ;)

I'm trying to decide about the middle. You can see in the first photo I have some orange slices cut from a great batik. The problem is they can't all be the same size because of the different butterfly wings. I'll take a photo and show you, I would love some feed back.

I'll be vending at the United Parish Holiday Family Bazaar on December 3 2011 10 - 3 at the United Parish, Route 140, Upton, MA. It's the first time doing this event and it's my 46 birthday! I've been making these little cosmetic Murphy Bags  ($15 - $35) and some ipad/tablet cases.

I love this pink one, the fabric is for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Structured Landscape

This is my Fiberactions challenge quilt made using the word Structure -Structured Landscape 20" x 16"
It can be hung from any side, it changes with each turn. 
I used a piece of hand dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh for the pool and batiks for everything else.
I did all the quilting free motion and I made life easier by only using Black Aurifil thread 50W. It looked more graphic, like one of the sketches in my sketchbook.
I used mistyfuse for the applique and for the facing. I'm putting together a tutorial for how to do facing with mistyfuse, I'll share it soon.

I have been working on a series of these landscape design quilts. Landscape #1 27" x 22" is the first in the series. If you would like to have a fiber landscape art quilt of your property you can go to my etsy shop and check out this listing....

Monday, November 07, 2011

IQF Houston 2011

I just got back from the International Quilt Festival. I went with my friend Sue. We had a lot of laughs and met lots of friends. We spent time in the Mistyfuse booth which was very cool. I also did a demo of my new pattern in Sue Pelland's booth using her Leaves Galore Template.  I got to enjoy dinner with a lot of wonderful woman in the quilting world. 

I went there with just  a few things on my list....there are hundreds of vendors so the shopping is prime. I needed more batiks and I found a wonderful hand-dyed green to continue my landscape series.

I also got some zippers for my bags, Aurifil thread, a Smooch ink spritzer, Swarovski crystals from Cheri's Cyrstals, Silver decolorant and a cool trim with many purposes from Artistic Artifacts.

The New England Quilt Museum had a bag auction to raise money for the museum. I made this bag for our guilds donation to the auction. It was filled with items donated from other guild members Sue Pelland Designs, Deb Wednt, Michelle Civetti, and Linda Ramrath.

When I went to the International Quilt Festival in 2009 my friend June bought some gorgeous hand dyed fabrics from Marcia Derse. Just before I left for IQF last week June asked me to pick  her up some more. I love to shop with other people's $$$ :) Marcia doesn't sell her hand dyed anymore because a manufacturer picked her up and is printing her whole line of fabrics. They are fantastic!

If you are a quilter, you have to go to IQF at least's crazy fun :)