Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer of 2011 Murphy Bags

My goal of make a Murphy Bag a day has been a lofty one...but here are a sample of the ones from the month of June....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gardens Growing

 I took the camera out to the garden about a week ago and took some shots of all the blooming going on.

my blended clematis'...I had one and a friend gave me one last year...

My peonies...I only get three blossoms every year....if you have any suggestions for me to get more blossoms, please leave a comment :)

Love the purple iris' behind the chartreuse hosta...which has now been eaten buy the deer :(

Every spring I am amazed that the patch this patch of dirt in the yard blooms into such a delightful patchwork of color and texture!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Graduation Goodies

I wanted to make some graduation gifts for my daughter's friends. I made these little Murphy Bag coin purses for them using my batik scraps.

I love planning the color palette for each one. 

I'll put some cash or a gift card in each one.

This is Jillian and her friend Kyle, they were both recipients of the U.S. Army National Scholar/Athlete Award during the award ceremony held the day before their graduation.

Jill is off to Suffolk University in Boston in the fall. I'm thrilled both of my kids will be in college in Boston ~ it's such a fabulous city.

Good luck to all the kids graduating and their parents for successfully raising a child!!!