Saturday, April 30, 2011

silk fusion landscape complete

I finished my silk fusion landscape...It's a commissioned gift for someone I'm really glad to know. I took these shots at night so I was playing with lighting and flash.
This shot was taken with the flash on...the colors are true in this shot.
This was the piece of silk fusion I had made with my friend Sue Bleiweiss.
I put the silk fusion piece over a piece of hand dyed turquoise, batting and backing. I used them to blend or enhance. This shot was taken without the flash.
I love the sheen the silk has and how it enhances the quilting. I changed threads 6 times. You will see in some of the close ups below.

I faced it so that the landscape continues....
I bought some more silk fibers from so I can do this again.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Winging it works better for me

I'm always amazed by large applique quilts when I go to quilt shows. I even bought a pattern a few years ago - Stars in the Garden by Piece O' Cake Designs. Recently at a local quilt show I saw several versions of it, all beautiful and each one very different. For several days I looked at the pattern and directions but something was bothering me. I realized I didn't want to make someone else's quilt, I wanted to do my own thing. I'm bad about following directions, I work better winging it!

Within a matter of an hour I had planned out the whole quilt. I'm making 12  22" blocks. Each block will be a different butterfly using one batik and 4 coordinating hand dyed fabrics. I've been thinking of a way to use a bunch of my hand dyed fabric in one quilt since my first batch of hand dyed fabrics were folded and put on the shelf.

I don't care how long it takes to make. It's my nature to finish one quilt at a time (for the most part) but I am going to work on this over time. There is no rush. I think this quilt will be for one of my daughters when they get married. Ideally I'll have 10 years to finish this...hint, hint:)

Choosing the fabrics was easy, fast and fun. I love this part of the process. The batik leaf fabric is a favorite of mine and I was so happy to find in a tiny quilt shop in Sturbridge, MA called the Quilt & Cabbage.

I'm not sure how I'll use this fabric in the quilt yet, but I have plenty of time and yardage to figure it out.

I'm using Mistyfuse and I pre-cut it to make the fusing part easier. Below is my new large Goddess cloth, a smaller Goddess cloth and the tools I use to keep them clean. 

I plan to do all the appliqueing and quilting in black thread, I think it will accentuate the fabrics beautifully but mostly it will be simpler and I'm all about making things simple.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

first attempt at painting clogs!

I've been wanting a pair of painted clogs forever! A friend gave me a pair to practice on and I finally got the chance to do it. I have a sprained ankle and should be off my feet. I could do this sitting down.  I referred to Lyric Kinard's great tutorial! She explained it so simply and her painted shoes are the coolest. She used DecoColor pens but I didn't have any. I did have a lot of acrylic paints that I bought and really should use.
I will get some of the pens though, straight lines were a challenge for me. 

I painted the main butterfly in the Liquitex to make an orange. Next I mixed black and a little bit of the white pearl for the black. Then I coated the whole thing in the pink iridescent interference color called whirlwind from Stewart Gill. I sprayed it with a clear coat varnish. I did a few coats and I think I'll try a flat finish next time.  I used the white Elmers Painters ink marker for the dots on the wings.
Reminder ~ these are the first pair, I learned a lot about a steady hand in painting!

They're going to a friend who works in a local library. She's been busily working on our family genealogy for the past year - I can't wait to see what she has found!

 Now to think about what I'll do on my pair....

Monday, April 11, 2011

spring, blossoms and quilt shows!

Spring in Boston...what a beautiful thing! I took these pictures in the Public Gardens. We were lucky enough to go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game last night and watched the Sox win 4-0!

I recently watched Good Will Hunting and noticed there is a scene in it that looks exactly like this photo. I hope to make a quilt inspired by this photo.

I love the twisted order of this tree...
The Machine Quilters Expo is happening this week in Providence...there's a special exhibit Pretty as a Picture and I entered my self portrait done in a Patt Blair's class using tsukineko ink . The show is fabulous and the vendors are the best! If you click on the link you'll find all the details and you'll see two of my quilts in the slide-show...pretty cool.

I'll be teaching quilting classes beginning in the fall at the Franklin Mill. The first class will be  this pattern by Amy Bradley called Quilt Diva, you can see all of her clever patterns here. Everyone will make their own version of themselves... I changed the pattern to suit me and so will the students in the class. The quilt is on display there with a sign up sheet if you are interested. You can call the store and have your name added to the I'm interested list. I loved making this quilt. There are lots of my personal interests incorporated into it.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

March spilling over with design

My last sketch for the theme Spilling Over for the Sketchbook Challenge. I was at my friends Sue's Studio and she had this very cool, huge jar of colorful buttons. 
I have been having some quilting friends come over once a month to sew and learn some new techniques. I wanted to start a project with them that we could finish in a day. My piece below was cut caveman style ala Ricky Tims using a rotary cutter. I fused Misty fuse to the batting and then laid the pieces out on top like pieces to a puzzle, overlapping just a teensy, weensy bit, then I pressed it using my goddess cloth. I used several cotton, variegated threads that helped blend the fabrics. I used a combination of hand dyed fabric and batiks.
It's for sale at Bambi's Vive Le Chic in Wrentham, MA. She has a beautiful shop full of original art; jewelry, pottery, paintings, bags, glass-work, etc. She is also carrying my Murphy Bags. Stop in and check out the shop, she is close to an ice cream shop right in down town Wrentham.
16 x 9 Sunset in Batik

Sunset in Batik - Detail

I found these fabulous clogs right here in town! The price was better than some online sites. I bought a pair of slip-on black that I plan to paint!

Here are the results of a recent renovation for a really wonderful client. We found the fabric at the Franklin Mill Store in Franklin MA. We bought it on the sale table for @ $9.00 yd. We thought about buying more and it was $78.00 yd. With help from Margaret at FM we found a great brown denim to add to the hem.

I have been making Murphy Bags too, this one was a gift to my daughters' dance teacher. She celebrated her birthday and I wanted to show her my appreciation.  I used a hand dyed fabric for the top of the bag and did some free motion quilting with a beautiful coral thread.