Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silk Fusion Lesson

I learned how to do Silk Fusion a few weeks ago and I loved it! My friend Sue, invited Kathy and Sue and I to come over to learn. It's so fun to play with the soy silk...it's better than Barbie hair...and I really loved Barbie hair:)

I made this into a  landscape...I intend to quilt it and embellish...I love the light the silk holds...
detail of the landscape
Sue had a ton of soy/silk roving for us to play with...See what I mean about Barbie hair?
Sue is a great teacher and has thought of the best possible way to do just about any technique....
I made this piece to be cut up and used on this quilt....  

Here is a detail shot ~ can you see the lavender Angelina I through in? I love that stuff...  
I have already applied Mistyfuse to one side and cut it up to play with on the top...it's my goal to get this quilt done!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Muphy Diaper Bag for the teacher

Griffin's teacher is having her first baby and we wanted to throw a little baby shower for her.
The mushroom fabric is from Japan, I bought it at the Franklin Mill Store. It wasn't easy finding fabrics from my stash to coordinate but we did it! The bag is machine washable and lightweight. It's 19" wide x 11" tall x 7" wide. The changing pad is made from a pre-quilted fabric on one side and a vinyl on the other.

 I added a key fob for easy access....
 I made a large front pocket with velrco closure for easy access....
 The zipper totally separates for easy access.....
 It has an adjustable strap so it can be worn over the shoulder or like a messenger bag. I remember having a diaper bag that has short handles and it wouldn't fit over the handle of the baby carriage...it was a bummer!
There are 10 pockets inside....4 large enough to hold baby bottles and 6 for things like pacifiers....
During the baby shower tomorrow the kids will be giving advice on taking care of the baby....have you ever seen the "How to make a turkey" project the kids do in 2nd grade? The hope is that there will be some nuggets and some laughs from their advice.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iraqi Bundles of Love continues!

I was psyched to read that IBOL (Iraqi Bundles of Love) is happening again. It's an opportunity for woman all over the world to send a package of sewing supplies to a woman in Iraq to help her make a living. You can read all about it here and you can leave a message here to obtain the address to send a bundle of your own. The brains behind this effort is a guy named Art La Flamme. He is in the Army and was serving in Iraq when the idea was born. It was a huge success! I love going through my things that I have too much of and giving it to someone who could really use it. The Iraqi's love green.

I had bought these satins for bags but I haven't used it in two years so it probably wouldn't happen.
I had some OK scissors, packages of bias tape and elastic and few zippers...
I had about a dozen spools of thread for my serger. I have only used black and white for the last 5 years...
Here is the finished bundle...I am off to the post office to mail it out. I encourage you to check out this effort and participate if you can, it's a great feeling.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Inchie Swap Quilts Revealed

We met on Sunday to reveal what we did with all the beautiful inchies we received in our swap. As you can see they are full of color!
Here's Gail's quilt. She paper pieced a block to coordinate with her inchies. They are perfect! The flange she added was the perfect way to unify all the colors.
Below is Sharon's quilt. She used an awesome technique found on Three Creative Studios, it's so cool!
Below is Susan's quilt. The swap was her idea and she hosted a lovely gathering for the reveal. I am so lucky to call her my friend, she is fantastically talented in a million different ways but she is a terrific friend. Her husband is in Afghanistan serving in the Army so keep her and their three kids in your thoughts. 
This is Kathy's quilt. Isn't if fabulous? She has a gift for color, design and quilting! Her inchies are movable so her design can change.
Below is Terri's quilt. She makes gorgeous traditional quilts and she is the most precise piecer.
Below is my quilt. It's 12x30. I blogged about it here.
Below is what June did with her inchies. She took them to work and put them on her desk. Such a clever idea!
Sue's Quilt is just about the sweetest thing I've seen. She used her new template she designed ~ Leaves Galore Template.

Friday, September 10, 2010

IQF Silent Auction Quilt "Hot and Cold"

I have been asked again this year to make a quilt for the International Quilt Festival's Silent Auction. The Festival is in Houston at one of the best quilt shows in the world. I have been twice and had an amazing time both visits.
I love the way it looks from an angle. I named it Hot and Cold 20"x16". I used Mistyfuse to applique - it's so lightweight that it didn't change the hand of the fabric at all.
I used my Batik scraps which wasn't hard...they are all beautiful and blend so easily. I used a blanket stitch to appliquilt the shapes on. This way I secured my applique' and did my quilting at the same time...love efficiency:)
After piecing my strips I used Mistyfuse to prepare for the appliquilting. It is the perfect fusible! I killed two birds with one stone when I made this quilt.  I have a good friend who is a fabulous quilter, her name is Sue Pelland. She came up with a brilliant idea for a template that would allow you to cut several leaves at a time. Her templates Leaves Galore are absolutely genius! Sue gave me a set of the templates and her Quilters Chalk Line for  helping her at one of her shows. I wanted to make a sample for her as a thank you for the rulers and thought this would be a good way to play with template and make my auction piece. Sue will be in Houston this year so look for her...you will be glad you met her:)

The Quilters Chalk Line allows you to mark lines for perfect placement of your pieces. It disappears when ironed. Notice the orange charm? Sue is giving a portion of her profits to help find a cure for Leukemia~
This is the template I used for my quilt it's the middle one. There are so many ways to use this and the markings will ensure that you get great results.
Here are the three templates I have to play with!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

love having the time to make bags!

I have been making lots of bags and having so much fun with each one! I am making them to take to a few local craft shows. I have not sold them in a public venue...if any readers have a tip for me I would love to read it.

Murphy Bags from late summer 2010

Olive/Chartreuse/Mint with an adjustable strap so you can wear it messenger style or over the shoulder
Pieces of some of my favorite fabrics make up this happy bag!
Pipping is always a favorite of mine
 A patchwork with my favorite pieces...I love to blend them
My own hand dyed fabric machine quilted with a variegated thread

I have a million bag ideas in my head and now that the kids are back in school I can start making them a reality.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

SAQA Benefit Auction 2010

I belong to SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates. Each year they have an auction of beautiful fiber art. The auction begins 9/20/10!

The Benefit Auction is SAQA's biggest fundraiser. Last year it raised $47,325. Proceeds from the Auction support SAQA's exhibitions, publications, conferences, and outreach efforts.
This years auction has 288 gorgeous works of art up for bid at prices from $750 to $75. Here is how the auction works.

 Below are three of my favorite pieces along with the piece I donated. Each one had a tree theme but that was really coincidental. I just perused the pages of the auction and looked for the ones that first caught my eye. I could have easily chosen 
50 pieces I would like to own.

Diane Marie Chaudiere Under Cover

           Margaret Dunsmore Me First 

Tove Piraj√° Hansen Growing Roots

Kathleen Murphy Falling Foil
I blogged about making this piece here.