Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reversible Murphy Bag

I made a reversible Murphy Bag! I have been thinking about it for a year or so and finally did it. I realized early on in making the bags that the inside was cool too. I made this bag to have one neutral ~ the black and white side ~ and one funky side.

It has 4 pockets on the inside and 4 on the outside. I matched the patterns up perfectly. This was the tricky part of the design!

I made it for my hair stylist Linda at Attitudes in Uxbridge. She is a friend and has been for about 12 years. We have been bartering for about a year. She cuts and colors my hair, cuts all four kids hair and I make her bags in exchange!
It has one loop for the closure and a button on each side of the bag.

I made a covered button that matches up perfectly to the print.

I am working on my landscape design quilt. I have a few more elements to add and then I will quilt it....I have been thinking about that a lot....not sure what I am going to do yet. I used my new Leaves Galore ruler for the mulch bed.

I put this landscape together about 6 months ago. It is the last in the series of Fall on your Wall. They were made using a photo my husband took of Mumford Falls in Uxbridge.

I have to quilt this one too, I know what plan to do with this one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

inchies swap and memories saved

I have been participating in an inchie swap. An inchie is a one inch square "quilt" invented by Nadine Ruggles. I have loved receiving them in the mail. Here is a close up of each one. You can click on this picture to see them close cool. We will each make a small wall quilt with our inchies and reveal them to each other in August.

As they came I put them in this little blue cup on the window sill at my kitchen sink. The cup is from the organizer of the friend Susan.

Here are a couple of extras I made. I used foil applied with fusible that stuff. They were the rejects:)

I made a treasure box for Morgan as a graduation gift. I saw the idea on TV years ago. It is filled with all of her report cards (starting in pre-K), awards, travel memorabilia, art work and her baby book. I also put in a journal I have kept about her since she was born.

This is a sampling of some of the funny stuff I saved all these years. I am assuming the teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up!

I made this bag for one of Morgan's friends as a graduation gift. She had a fabulous year. She was chosen as Prom Queen, Best All Around Girl by the staff at her High School and won the Good Sport Award at the Sr. Athletics Banquet. She is a super good kid and is off to college to be a teacher, High School Biology. Good luck Christine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

achievements big and small

It's been busy around here! Morgan graduated from Nipmuc Regional High School on Saturday and she is going to Northeastern University's Nursing program in the fall. She is such a great kid, she has a wonderful future ahead of her!
I did find some time to make a few bags....

I adore this fabric combination. I will be putting this one in my etsy shop soon.

I made this one for Mrs. Raymond, Paige's 5th grad teacher. It is a tote 12" x 15" x 7"

I was practicing my feathers....some people can do them so beautifully, I need more practice.

It has 8 pockets, 4 x 6" deep and 4 x 8" deep for water bottles and rulers:)