Monday, May 31, 2010

Commissioned Murphy Bag

I love making commissioned bags ~ it's so nice to take the vision of a client and make it into functional art! I have a wonderful client who loves my bags and has started a nice collection for herself. She sends me a nice assortment of fabrics to put together, I send her some digital shots of how I see the bag done and we go from there. I love her choices of fabrics.

She sent me the beautiful floral and I had the purple and the stripe. I machine quilted with an all over design in a variegated thread.

She likes a key fob in her bags

It has 8 pockets ~ two are a bit shorter than the rest so the cell phone and lipsticks don't get lost.

Here is the other bag she wanted made ~fabulous fabrics!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new school bag for Paige

Paige wanted a new school bag for her birthday so we designed this together. She chose all of the fabrics - I think she did an awesome job!

It measures 17" wide x 7" deep x 10" tall. It can open up to 24" wide if you loosen the ties. The grommets were easy to install. This was a great solution to being able to make it bigger when she needs to.

I found the cool buckle below on in the sewinggoodies shop!

We love the interior fabric ~ it's a linen I bought at The Franklin Mill Store - one of my favorite things about the store are the cool fabrics Mary picks out when she goes to market.

There are all kinds of cool animals in the print as well as these funky skulls.

Happy Birthday Paige - you are an awesome kid!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

landcape plan quilt

This is a quilt I am so happy to have started. I sketched it out a few years ago. I was an Art Major in college and my concentration was Interior Design. I loved planning the interior and exterior spaces on paper. I knew the idea would translate well with fabric. I plan to make a series of these. It would be great to make them for people using their actual home plans.
I bought the hand dyed pool fabric from Vicki Welsh in her etsy shop. It is perfect.

I used my new very cool ruler from Sue Pelland Designs to create the perennial garden bed! It is a brilliant ruler that allows you to cut leaves and curves. I have been collecting the perfect fabrics for this quilt for a few years.

Here is where some of my inspiration for this quilt comes garden. I have a clematis that is in bloom and my friend Sue gave me two more last week. She was giving them up because she is putting an addition on her home to add a beautiful new studio.
This little guy was chowing on something this morning on our stone wall.
Our grasses are looking great.
This is our nature-made bird bath. I think it's the mineral content of the rock that turned it red. The birds love it and I love watching them.
I am crazy about hosta's - this color in particular.
We have been in this house for 6 years and the plants in front are finally filling in = less mulching!
We had rain last night and everything was just sparkling today.
I put some perennials in my boxes on the deck a few years ago and they are finally making it all worth it.
I also put some hosta's in my urns out front and they add a nice texture to it.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

recycling quilts

The final piece of my jacket...recycled into a cute little bag. I made the coat and hated the fit so I cut it up into four bags total. There is still one small piece left, maybe for a postcard.
I love the fabric on the inside ~ such a pretty color combination.
Below are some shots of Morgan taken by her friend and classmate William Lukas He did a phenomenol job. The photos capture Morgan and have an artistic flair. They are going to be her senior pictures that she hands out to her friends. She is off to Northeastern in the fall. She was accepted into their nursing program. She is an incredible person and will make an awesome nurse.
This one is her favorite:)
This one is my favorite:)