Thursday, April 22, 2010

SAQA auction

Here is my piece I donated to the SAQA auction. You can find out about SAQA here. I joined last year and have found it to be a great resource and inspiration.
Photo by Sue Bleiweiss 2010

I made the foil leaves in a class with Melody Crust while I was in Houston 2009 at the International Quilt Festival. I printed the leaves on my hand dyed fabric. The technique is a little messy and time consuming but the results are worth it. I appliqued them onto more hand dyed fabric and quilted it will King Tut variegated threads that coordinated with the background colors.

We just finished up a week of school vacation...Kevin was home and it was awesome. Our big outing was to Boston to the MFA and then a Red Sox game! I ran into a high school classmate who had his work on display in their alumni art show...very serendipitous!

Morgan made her college decision....She is headed to Northeastern University in the fall. She will be in the nursing program, I am incredibly proud of her...she will make an excellent nurse.

Jillian went to Spain with a group from her high school. Her flight was the last one out of Heathrow (London) on 4/14 due to the Icelandic volcano. She had a wonderful time and got home without a hitch, she is a lucky girl!

Paige played in her first soccer game on Saturday and she was awesome! She was in goal for a bit and made several saves but two that insured the game stayed a tie 2-2!

Griffin had his first baseball game yesterday - I thought I would dislike baseball because the game is slower and longer than soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, but I have enjoyed it so much! In true form, for the third year in a row, he lost his new team hat before the first year it stays under lock and key until game day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Postcards made for soldiers April 2010

I went into Paige's 5th grade class on Friday to make fiber postcards with them. They each came in with the address of a relative, friend or neighbor serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.
I bought most of the supplies from my friend Shari Cronin. She sells these fabulous packets of themed postcard tops, stamped backs and the fast2fuse. It's really what makes the project with the kids possible.

I love the messages they wrote to the soldiers. This is also a good lesson in penmanship and correspondence ~ something we don't do much of with email and texting.
Paige's teacher, Mrs. Raymond, was a huge help. She knows how to sew and that was awesome. We were able to have two kids sewing all the time. We made about 24 postcards in two hours. I had the kids do the satin stitching around the edges of the postcard and they added Swarovski crystals when it was done. One of the students parents donated the postage. I hope they make someones day.
Little hands learning to it!

Friday, April 09, 2010

MQX is coming soon

One of my favorite shows is coming to my area ~ Providence, RI April 15-17 2010 (I put a link at the end of this post to the MQX web site.
I have a few quilts in the show and I decided to enter their challenge this year too. The quilt had to have five fabrics that were beautiful batiks! The quilt had to have a bear paw (the MQX logo has one) and a recognizable amount of the fabric. The proceeds from the challenge will benefit the New England Quilt Museum.

Hot Paws 30x30

you can click on the icon below to go to their website....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

new backpack

I have been asked a lot if I make a backpack. I have made a couple but none this big and with so many pockets. I didn't use a pattern because I want to make it my own style. I made this one for my second oldest daughter Jillian. She helped pick out the fabrics. I love what she chose.
She wanted it to take with her on her trip to SPAIN! That's right, she is 16 and she is going to Spain for 10 days with her high school. She is going to have a wonderful time. We have been busy getting a passport, saving money, and deciding what to bring for clothes. Her great aunt sent her some Euros to take with her and that was so cool, she was thrilled.

length 15" x height 17" x width 5"
I used one of my hand dyed pieces for the pocket and a piece of a hand dyed crocheted doily for a side pocket.
The pocket on the other side fits a water bottle perfectly. I put four pockets on the inside too.

I had the zipper, I love when that happens. The pipping is made with a pretty metallic circle fabric.

I satin stitched the outside pocket with a beautiful variegated thread. I quilted the pocket with the same thread.