Monday, March 29, 2010

another commissioned bag

I made this bag for fellow artist/quilter. I love making a bag specifically for someone. She said something like "just make me something - you know what I like."I knew she liked this fabric so I started there. I did some hand dyeing with her so I knew she was fond of that. I had fun laying out the design.

I especially like the pea green fabric. I hadn't added crystals when I photographed it but I have since.

I fussy cut a lot of the fabric but I paid special attention to the handles. I wanted them to blend with the top of the bag. Mission accomplished.

I was very careful piecing so that the sides look nice and clean.

I used hand dyed fabric inside too. It was bright but it makes it so easy to find stuff, it's like a built in light. I made one pocket a bit shorter to accommodate the cell phone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

quilt show wrap up and back to the 80's

Back to the 80's! We went to a PTO fundraiser Saturday night and it was a howl! It was fun getting ready. I had everything on hand which is kind of scary. Poor Kevin went as a "pretty boy" instead of the grungy punk rocker he really was. I grew up in Melrose (part of Boston proper) and all of the boys dressed like this....

Here is one of my favorite quilts from our show. It was made by Jane H. It is a commemorative quilt from her service in the Navy. She did a beautiful job. I love the dog tags and the photo of her.
My Blue Willow got a ribbon which was very nice....second place in the large wall category, I don't have a photo of the one that got the blue ribbon but it is an absolutely gorgeous quilt, made by my friend Tami Sue, with tons of embellishments and thread work.
We sent out fiber postcards to our local and national state reps and senators and one came! This is State Rep. John Fernandez with our guild founder, Joyce Gilmore.
I won these in the quilt show auction! My friend Sue A. (guild president) made them, they are deliciously warm and comfortable.
I made a black and white bag recently for a client and she asked me if I could make another with the same fabrics tea dyed. Below are the fabrics before and after tea dyeing.
Here is the bag....the tea dyeing makes it look richer.

Monday, March 15, 2010

accidental series and seeing your quilt in print

This was exciting news! My quilt "Blue Willow" was in The Quilter Magazine. They did a photo spread from the quilt show A Quilter's Gathering and included mine. Most of the quilts they shot were the ribbon winners, all beautiful and I'm glad I saw them in person. I did not win a ribbon at the show so I feel kind of lucky they included my quilt. The quilt did win 2nd place in the Large Wall Quilts category at my guilds show this past weekend.

My Quilt is on the bottom left, I am "friends" with some of these artists on Facebook and follow their blogs. Really amazing work!

This was the piece I donated to the Auction for my guilds quilt show. It is the 4th in what has turned out to be a series. Mainly because when I sewed the strips together they ended up being 44" x 40". The inspiration is from a photograph Kevin took of the Mumford River in Uxbridge, MA. You can see the other quilts in this series here and here.
I quilted this one on my frame with my Bernina 440 QE using my BSR foot. I haven't used that much - I think I need to bring it in for an update or maybe it's user error? I was pretty pleased with the results but I still get some skipped stitches when I use it.

Fall on your Wall #4 2010
Using up every piece of the strip, I took the waste I cut off the tree line to create another one for a postcard.

Update on the Sage and Brown Quilt....It is done and this is how it will look when we start using it this summer. It is still too cold around here but come May, we will be using it regularly. It won a "Chairman's" ribbon at the quilt show....I think that is very special. Whomever gave it to me knows how long it took and what a milestone it was to finish, thank you!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

paying forward in the quilting world

Paige made a quilt for the Quilt Show! Her first time machine quilting. She did really well and I think she liked it:) She may be a future quilter. It is a gift for someone. Hopefully she will come to the show and see the description tag that tells the good news!
Here she is sewing the binding, the glass top table was helpful for her to work on.
This is one of those things that happens that you say, "that was meant to be"....While visiting Worcester State with Morgan (she was accepted into their nursing program) we went up to the Nursing Dept. and met the lovely office manager Cindy. She was so helpful and nice to us. We had an impromptu tour and bumped into my quilting get a way roommate Annie who is graduating from the program. When we explained to Cindy that we were quilting friends she told me about her quilting experience. She and a group of military moms made a quilt to be raffled to raise money to for a guide dog to be purchased for an injured soldier. She told me that she had started this table runner along with the same group of ladies but missed the last class and didn't know how to finish it. I told her I would be happy to finish it for her. This was her first quilt. I love that pay it forward stuff!!!!

I have had this lovely stash of fabric from South Africa for a while now and I need to do something with it. It was a gift from my neighbors who are from South Africa - now American citizens. Amanda's mom was visiting from SA and came over to visit and check out my quilts. She was so thoughtful to send me these lovely fabrics. The fabrics were so stiff ~ they were treated with a starch to make them look nice. After washing they are as soft as any other piece of cotton. I think I might make something patriotic with them:)
They all have these cool markings on them.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Secret Valentine!

This is the beautiful Secret Valentine I received! I love the colors and the work is absolutely lovely. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted. I don't have any quilts that are hand quilted so this is a real treasure! Thank you to Deb!

She chose these colors because I answered a little questionnaire my guild sends out so you can get an idea of what your SR likes or better yet, doesn't like. I listed purple and chartreuse as some of my favorite colors. Check out the pretty flange and hand quilting!

New the color scheme on this one! I did a lot of free motion quilting on the floral fabric and added some crystals. The handle is adjustable, I like the tie handle, it adds more texture to the bag.
Close up of the quilting and the blanket stitch I did around the green hand dyed "belt"
There are 9 pockets in the bag, loads of storage:)
Reminder about our quilt show....March 13 and 14 2010 from 10-4 both days. March 13 & 14, 2010 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
65 Pleasant St, Upton, MA

Detail of our new 2010 raffle quilt (pictured above) made by our guild members. Raffle tickets available at the show, drawing will be Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Please join us and see over 180 Quilts made by members; our Women's Heart Health Apron Exhibit - beautifully embellished aprons made by guild members with proceeds to benefit Women's Heart Health; and our Youth Quilter's Exhibit.

Also stop by our Boutique and Silent Auction featuring various quilts, quilting related items, patterns and books from guild members. We will also have over 10 vendors offering a variety of sewing and quilting goods.

$5 admission – Ample parking and handicapped accessible.

Pictured above - Our new 2010 raffle quilt, "Starlite Gardens", made by our guild members. Based on an original pattern, "Garden I Dream About", by Peggy Waltman of Hopskotch Quilting Company.

Reminder about our quilt show one week from today!