Sunday, February 28, 2010

a fun day of dyeing fabric and a couple of commissions...

I had a blast dyeing fabric with Sue and Kathy on Friday. Sue had everything all ready for us to play. We brought some things we wanted to dye and Sue had pfd cotton there too. Thanks to both of them for sending me some photos.

Here are the delicious bottles of color....

One of my pieces...I mostly stuck the fabric in a small zip lock bag and squirted a few colors on the fabric and let it blend....

The piece below is a quilted piece of muslin that was my practice piece when I first bought my Bernina quilting frame. I squirted 4 colors on this and let in blend....I think it is going to make a great bag:)

Here is part of my results...wonderful colors...I can't wait to make something with them.
I had some doilies from my friend Susan and they loved the dye...I don't know what I will do with them but I am looking forward to time to play with them. 

Below are two Murphy Bags I made for a returning client. She sent me the fabric and I emailed her photos I took of some options.

I had to piece the handle was tricky but the results came out pretty good.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

food looks better on blue and white china...

That is the title I chose for my entry into my guild's ( Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild ) Special Exhibit at our biennial show ~ March 13&14 2010 10-4. The SE this time is Embellished Aprons! The proceeds (from donations during the show) going towards Women's Heart Health.
I have a nice collection of blue and white fabric so it seemed simple to use it up for this and it matches my kitchen. I am keeping my apron (because I need one and it took me all day to make) but some are auctioning theirs off at the show. 

I used Mistyfuse to apply the tea cups. It was the perfect material to help keep the soft lines of the bodice. I used a wide (both ways) zig zag in a variegated thread.

This is the book I used. Every apron in it is adorable.
This is the style I made. It was difficult. I had 19 cut pieces to put together, that's a lot for an apron!
The results are worth it though. It is a flattering style and will be fun to wear.
I took the book to Staples and for a few bucks they blew it up 400% and gave it to me on one big sheet that I was able to cut up into very nice pattern pieces. This part was very easy:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Secret Valentine 2010

My guild has a Secret Valentine Swap every year and it is one of my favorite meetings. We pick the name of a guild member and send her some goodies for Valentines Day. It is amazing how much work women will do for someone else. Below is part of the gift I gave to my SV. She happens to be a nurse in my pediatricians office so she is extra special to me.

This is a pencil roll. I filled it with colored pencils. I found examples on and Thanks ladies for sharing your work and ideas! 


I also gave her a journal I purchased from when she lectured at my guild. 
I hope she fills it pictures of her quilts or sketches of her ideas...I also gave her some fabric and a few chocolates.

Here is is rolled up. I braided yarn for the tie. I added some heart charms to the tassels.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sticking to it

I have been thinking a lot about staying with something. I have been quilting away on this quilt. It is for my guilds quilt show March 13 and 14. I really want to get it done. I sometimes feel like I have OCD about it. I can't do anything else and I take every chance I can to work on it. Even if it's 15 minutes.

I found this bamboo stitch on the blog I am using a different stitch in a different thread in each color on the quilt.
I have decided not to take out any stitches! I feel so glad that I made that decision...I look at it as a practice piece. Mostly because I know I will remodel my room someday and make a new quilt.

It's the first time I put such a big quilt on the frame and the 5th quilt I have quilted on it. I have been machine quilting since 1995 but on the frame is different. I struggle with length of stitch. I am not using the BSR because I lose harp space and I need every stitch I can get with my 440.

My stops and starts are probably wrong for a show quilt but this is going on my bed! I will be using it everyday and washing it often. I basically stopped the way I started each stitch. I would run in an 1/8th of inch back and forth 4 or 5 times. I know it will never come out because I have tried before:)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

playing with fiber

I'm psyched to have been able to get together with a couple of local art quilters to play with fiber in a experimental and fun way. I made this piece using triangles scraps placed on a piece of Mistyfuse. I couldn't stay as long as I liked because it was a half day of school but when I got home I was possessed to finish ~ while the kids played video games and ate cookies I continued on my journey to take this piece as far as I wanted. I added the hand-dyed circles I had already cut out for another project then I put down a bunch of Angelina and the used fusible thread with foiling. A technique I learned from Melody Crust in the workshop I took with  her in Houston in 2009.
I used a piece of silk batting I  had because I didn't want it to be too bulky. I quilted it with metalic thread using a random circle was fun and easy:)
I wanted to use this for something so I decided to make a cover for my Sony Reader that I got for Christmas - a big surprise! I used my reader for my measurement and but the piece out a 1/2" bigger all around 8 X 14"
I cute 2 pieces that were 6" wide X 8" high, fused them to fusible batting and hemmed them on one side. I pinned the pockets to the outside (wrong side together) and did a wide satin (zig zag) stitch around the out side with a beautiful polyester thread.

I am currently reading Barbara Walters book is very interesting.