Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the quilt for us

I am making this quilt for our master bedroom. I started it at a weekend away with my guild in 2008. Our bedroom is sage and brown and I wanted a quilt for the summer.

We painted the ceiling and three of the walls sage and the fourth wall brown. I made the window treatments and bedding.

I made this quilt for the wall over the bed....I blogged about it in an earlier post. It's called Jade Willow.

This quilt is the reason I bought my Bernina Quilting Frame. I was anxious about getting the quilt on it but it all went pretty smoothly. I have struggled a bit with how to use this. My friend and professional quilter Kathy Sperino came over to show me how to load it on the frame, she was a great help!

Here is what it looks like for those of you that have not seen one.

I need to neaten up those cords...

Here is a closeup of my quilting....Pacing myself is still something I am learning....I am doing different stitches in each block with a coordinating thread. I am matching the drapes to the carpet (top thread with bobbin) so the back is a bit funky.

I got one row done (8 blocks) in about 8 hours. I have 6 rows plus borders so I m thinking at least 50 hours to quilt it.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tote Tuesday fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

I made this bag for a friend. This is the second custom bag and wallet combination I have made for her. We went to the Franklin Mill Store to pick out the fabric.
She gave me a bag and wallet she liked as an example of what she wanted. I told her I couldn't copy another persons design ~ both legally and because I like to make my own style. I tried to stay within the same size for things but I also had to make it my own.

The pocket on the left would fit a cell phone and the one on the right has a zipper - I would use it for change.
I got this zipper in Houston at the 2008 International Quilt festival. I bought one in black too that I am saving for a new wallet for myself. I did the free motion quilting on my Bernina 440 and my stand up quilting frame. I have not done that before.
The interior has 8 pockets and I made her a check book cover (bottom right of the photo) to match.

She loved it and I am so glad. I love it too:) We talked about making a cover for her new digital reader to match. I got one of those fro Christmas from Kevin. It's a Sony Reader and I am reading Barbara Walter's book Audition. I plan to make a cool cover for it.

I read about a good cause on Facebook Tote Tuesday, a Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, will open Tuesday, February 2 and continue through March. I contacted Virginia and asked her if I could donate one of my bags. I chose this one. It is a messenger bag in happy bright (soon to be spring) colors.

I took some video so you can see the sparkle of the Swarovski Crystals....

I did some free motion quilting on the flap and added a striped welt. It has a cool pink Lucite buckle that I bought at the Franklin Mill Store.

Here is a detailed shot of the front flap. I love the colors in this fabric, just delicious!The interior has 8 pockets in two different fabrics ~ I do this because it helps keep me organized.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Postcards made for soldiers and Christmas 2009

I love to take a picture on Christmas Eve after Santa comes.

Here is our annual Family picture taken at the Murphy Family party. We had a great time and loved seeing everyone. I don't love this picture of myself but it is great of everyone else. I should have fixed my hair:)

Here is a picture of my SIL Pat, her daughter Jennifer, Morgan, Paige and Natalie, Pat's granddaughter. We all loved holding her. Here are some postcards made by Griffin's 3rd grade class. His teacher's husband is serving in Iraq until June. The did the sewing around the edge, the embellishment and the message.
I bought the fabric, timtex, and stamped backs from my friend $hari written that way because she was the guilds treasurer.
The messages were thoughtful and sometimes funny. Some were quite poinenet, like "I hope you don't die" ~ the teacher read them with me before they wrote on them. We got a kick out of so many of them. Below is a lovely example.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Things that are broken and beautiful

Here is a place I spend a lot of time each day....the kitchen sink. I have some things on the window sill that I like to look at. The window treatment has Swarovski crystals on it:) The view out the window is always changing.

The little box with drawers is full of little things that need a home, one drawer is full of pins and needles, one full of feathers I have found over the last 2 years. The two little bowls on the left are gifts from my friend Susan (Stitch is her nickname) , they were her mothers. When she passed away, Stitch gave them to me because she knows how I love Blue and White porcelain. Below is a glass jar full of broken china. Some from my collection, some found while gardening (I love the idea that woman used chuck their broken things out the back door.) There are also glass marbles, lucky pennies, pieces of a beautiful candy dish that was my grandmothers and some shells from a special trip to the ocean.

This little treasure was a birthday gift from my friend Stitch. She made it for me:) I brought the journal quilts I made up from the basement and hung them here in the kitchen. They fill this little wall space perfectly.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas 2009 final post

I made these stockings about 14 years ago. I was new to quilting and bought all the fabric at once. I had just learned how to crazy piece from a Carol Doak workshop. The cuffs are black velvet. The buttons are very special to me, they were from a box of buttons I got from my Grandmother Vava after her death. They have little music boxes in the toe that play a little Christmas tune. They are really a bit small and impracticable for stuffing but they make a nice decoration.

We had the McKenna Family Christmas party here and as usual it was delightful. Below is a picture of Paige and her cousin Molly. Molly is my brother John's oldest daughter. They are so close and it is such a special thing to see them together.

Here is a great shot of Morgan and Griffin taken during our annual family picture taking session in front of the tree.
A super shot of Kevin with Morgan and Jillian.
Here is one of the best shots of the kids. We didn't send out a Christmas card this year, I just didn't have my act together. I think with all of my relatives and so many of my friends on facebook there isn't the need like there used to be. I sent out 25 Christmas fiber postcards to family and old friends.
Here is another one of those great kits from grabngokits from my friend and fellow guild member Michelle Civetti. I made this one for the bus driver. She picks up and drops off 4 kids on three different buses 5 days a week. She is a quilter and she loved it:)
I love the details that Michelle adds to each kit. The snow flake buttons were just the right addition. I hadn't done hand blanket stitch in a long time and it took me a while to get the hang of a consistent sized stitch.
I added a candle that was called sparkling snow, it smelled so pretty.