Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Row Robin

I am participating in a Christmas Row Robin. A year from now I will have a fabulous Christmas quilt to hang on the wall in the foyer.
This is the palette for the quilt. I enjoyed finding all the fabrics in my stash, at a quilt shop or from friends. I want it to be whimsical and fun...
I've made four of these blocks - 2 green and 2 red. The block is 13 x 18". They will be horizontal rows.

I used Mistyfuse for the applique and I tried both free-motion zig zag and regular zig zag...the later has a better outcome for me:)

I bought this package of trim at Heartbeat Quilts. I plan to embellish all the trees with the trim and buttons, crystals, and other shiny, sparkly, pretty stuff!

I made a couple of Christmas Murphy Bags ~ they were a big hit!
I am working on a couple of new styles for bags in 2011. I got this mushroom fabric from the Franklin Mill store, it's from Japan.
This fabric has been very popular! I first used it for a client in FL who likes to choose her own fabrics. She has excellent taste:) I made a bag for my daughter with the leftovers. The lady she babysits for loved it and wanted one just like it so I ordered some of it online. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts and a new type of Murphy Bag

I made some holiday hand towels as Christmas gifts for some friends this year. I bought nice plain white towels and added fabric and the white brush trim. I embellished with ribbons and swarovski crystals.
I used a decorative stitch on the towels too, have to justify the need for them right?
I wasn't sure about the Swarovski crystals on the front but I usually use the back of the hand towel to dry my hands and I am guessing others do too.
I am making a new type of Murphy Bag ~ it's a ice/heat bag. I made them using my batik scraps. I used batting and quilted them. The batting retains the heat nicely and creates a moist heat.
I have had  some hand pain lately and I thought this would be a good size for my sewing friends. It's also a nice size for your eyes if you have a headache.
 I plan to make them for my etsy shop ... hopefully they will be available for purchase soon!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Holiday Tour 2010

A really good friend of mine asked if we would put our house on the annual Holiday House Tour that benefits our little library .... I made new stockings just for the occasion~they have been on the list of things to make for a while...so glad they are done! 
Don't you love the Barbie stocking holders?? I didn't use a pattern...just cut out the shape I liked. I did use my leaves galore template to cut the toes and heals.

 This is Griffins stocking. I used leftover trim form drapery jobs to embellish each one but I loved this polka dot cuff for his.
This is my stocking and Kevin's is in the background.

This is one of the center pieces Mendon Greenhouse provided for the Holiday House tour...it was absolutely gorgeous. I had polished my silver tray earlier in the day and it was perfect.
Look at the colors...I requested apple green and blue for the dining room.
A friend ended up buying two of the arrangements the next day and we kept a fabulous swag they made for the front door. 

I made new drapes for the dining room-that was on the list too:)
When I bought the fabric on the top I only got 10 yards....not enough. I found the plaid companion and trim at the Franklin Mill Store. Margaret the owner helped me out ~ love her.
This little tree has all the old ornaments from my in-laws, step-mother and some hand crafted made by a friend.
I put little gold butterflies throughout the tree...adds a little whimsy.
I lit the candles in the chandelier over the kitchen island...hard to see in the photo but it added a nice touch.

The living room is one of my favorite places to sit and read. I put my Murphy Bags on a book shelf and sold a few during the tour~that was nice.
The tour was successful for the library and for us, the house is clean, decorated and presents are wrapped. We can really relax and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays to all of you!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Quilting at the Cape Codder in Hyannis MA

I took some photos during my quilting Get A Way at the Cape Codder in Hyannis MA....
this is my table/roommate Annie...she is working on a beautiful quilt for our next show.
This is a fabulous quilt by my friend Tami Davis - she is super talented and makes gorgeous art!
One of the things we are good at is being generous...we all made these little trees to send to the troops for the holidays.
We also made place-mats for local Meals on Wheals recipients...they get the place-mat with their Thanksgiving meal.
Here is our Programs Queen Louise making a beautiful fabric basket
Here we all are hard at work and laughing a little too:)
This is our little corner of the room...on the wall you see the stockings I made for my family this Christmas and some of the blocks made by members for our Massachusetts Landmarks Raffle Quilt.
this is Tami again dressed as her alter ego Maeve...she cracks us all up with her shenanigans~
This is Gail (l) and June (r) my other table/roommates. We always have a lot of fun and enjoy our time sewing, shopping, eating and pressing the button on the fart machine:)
My sewing machine and supplies
This is Paula and she is the Chair of the Comfort Committee, she whipped these blocks up for a comfort quilt!
This is a quilt we made for our friend Shari to cheer her up. She was the treasurer of the guild for a long time and so this seamed appropriate...notice the little purple poodle on it...we have fun placing these little guys on everyone's quilts.
This is my friend Joyce, she is the founder of the guild and a great lady too~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the sketchbook project part 2 - the results

I am participating in the sketchbookproject.com and have just about finished my sketchbook.
My friends helped me put it together. Sue Bleiweiss is a bookmaker and had all the supplies and knowledge I needed. My friend Kathy Sperino helped with design choices. I used only my hand dyed fabric and specifically my scrap pieces of hand dyed fabric. You can see the original posting here.
I set no rules just to do it and be satisfied when it was done!
Here are the first couple I did. I jotted down what techniques I used at the bottom of the page.
I wanted to practice my piecing and my color theories.

I practiced quilting too.

The piece on the right below is the last one I did. It's a long story how it got to be so fancy....this was about experimentation after all.
Here it is open all the way.
I used my leaves galore template to cut the fringe to allow for the button. That is the best tool!

Sue had a box full of awesome buttons and this one was just perfect! She also gave me the circle shapes that are appliqued on the outside of the book. They added great texture to the cover.
I am looking forward to sending it in and I hope whoever checks it out of the Brooklyn Art Library 
(or any of the other places it will be on exhibit) enjoys it!