Sunday, October 25, 2009

Houston IQF 2009 part one

I had a fabulous time in Houston. The Festival Director Karey Bresenhan, and her staff, are doing a wonderful job of bringing over 50,000 people together to share in a common interest and have a blast while doing it! If you want to see all the winners from the show and a whole bunch of other cool stuff go here and click on the winners button on the left side of the page. I took awesome classes and went to a terrific machine quilting forum. I met lots of cool people and had a nice little break from being the mother of four.

This quilt is called My Quilt Room by YASUKO ITO and Oharibako of CHIBA CITY, CHIBA REF, JAPAN and it is one of my favorites!!!

The Japanese do unbelievable work! They are extremely clever with fabric (much of which I consider ugly) Their quilts are just amazing...This one is a group quilt of their sewing rooms. They won second place in the group category.
This is such a clever way to join their blocks!!! Little slippers attach the blocks and you can see through the quilt...
Another group quilt I loved (of course because I grew up in Melrose and live in MA) is this one of Fenway cool - they got third place in the category.
The details of the Fenway Park quilt are below...

My friends and travel buddies...Terri, Tammy, me, and June. Missing from this picture is Sue and Elaine. My friend (and roommate last year) Cathy took this shot. We were having A drink at the hotel and had a super time catching up. I saw lots of friends I met last cool to see them again. I think it safe to say that we had a great time together. I brought 5 friends along this year. A couple had been to market years ago but none had ever been to festival. June was the perfect roommate:)

I donated this quilt to the IQA auction and I was thrilled to see the bid sheet (posted below with the names spray painted out) That made me feel good:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black and White Diaper Bag

I have a bunch of pictures to upload from my trip to Houston (I had a blast) but until I do that here are some shots of a commissioned bag I made. They wanted a diaper bag and wallet made from the same black and white fabric I used in a bag I made last year for the recipient. They wanted the J added to personalize it. I made the changing mat out of some soft white fabric I had and white Naugahyde.
I used metallic thread for the quilting on the J...always a challenge but with nice results.

It measures 20"x15"x4" - it has a zipper closure and 10 pockets inside.
I used a cute black and white polka dot for the handles and a hand dyed (purchased in Houston) turquoise for the welt and J.

The wallet is a design by June Peckingham...I have made it several times and it always comes out nice. I added an outside pocket for a cell phone. I also did a velcro closure instead of a snap.
Swarovski crystals added to the bag and wallet give it that special sparkle I love:)
The inside has a 6 credit card pockets, a check book and cash section and a zippered pocket for change. There is also a spot for recietps behind the zippered section and a wristlet. I had fun pulling fabric for this one.
I delivered it today and they loved it:)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kevin and I went to the Fuller Craft Museum last week. We had a wonderful time. We took lots of pictures of very cool art. We had a delicious lunch at the museum. Below is the coolest polymer art piece.

It's about 5' tall, and the colors are amazing!

Here were are...we both realize we are looking older:)
I have been busy making bags...I love the gigham and strips...
I did a lot of quilting on the bag below, and I tea dyed it so the white became a little more like beige.
This bag is a nice combo of off whites and blacks, neutral and funky!

My hand dyed blue free motion quilted. I love the red in the print, so electric!
I made this little cosmetic bag with some pretty scraps... it's 3"X9"
I am heading to the International Quilt Festival in Houston on the 13th. One week from today. I am going with some friends from my quilt guild. I am rooming with June. We both signed up for classes. I am taking a few painting on fabric classes, a foiling class and a machine quilting forum and the sampler on Friday. I am heading to the MIU/Quilting Arts booth 1244 to see what they have in store...they are a fun crowd. I am hoping to come home with new fabrics for more bags and some new painting techniques. The hardest part about going is leaving the family. Kevin is awesome but four kids and a dog are a lot to manage. I know they will do really well but I will miss them! Love you guys and thanks for letting me go away!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Live and Let Live

I was pulling the morning glory off the railing this morning. The stuff has been a bit if a nightmare. I threw a packet of seeds along the sunny side of my house a few years ago and now it's everywhere. I let it go this year but it needs to be eradicated next spring. Anyway while doing that this morning I found this. Luckily I thought to look in this little batch of cozy leaves.
I rested in my bowl of heart shaped rocks (I have been collecting since the summer I lived on Martha's Vinyard - 1985) to take some photos.

Isn't the design on it's back beautiful??
It has legs like a crab...
I think it may be dead because it hasn't moved. I was very gentle with the leaves so I don't think I killed it. I used to be really afraid of spiders, not so anymore. My friend Paul Knapik told me it's good to have lots of bugs and stuff, it means your environment is healthy.

I took this picture last week, so I have been having some good luck with spiders.
My latest Murphy Bag - I got this cool buckle at the Franklin Mill...It sold the day I made it. To my hair stylist - Linda.
8 pockets in two different colors, helps with the organization of your life.
I had fun quilting curls and I added a welt around the top and Swarovski crystals of course!

PS it's Show and Tell Friday...I just found this blog amylouwhoquilts this evening after posting this today...I hope to blog and Show and Tell every Friday!