Wednesday, September 23, 2009

altering * practicing * giving

I am getting my quilt ready to send to the AQS show in Des Moines. I needed to move the sleeve a bit to give it some slack.
It's called 1970's Corduroy because it reminds me of a dress I had as a child. I used my hand dyed fabric to match the border fabric.

I have always liked the back of this quilt. I used a thread that was too big but the shapes are pretty.

I am taking a class with Diane Loomis. She is an unbelievable quilter, her work is outstanding. I am learning so much from her. I seem to want to move too fast, I must slow down if I want to improve but it's hard. I have 4 kids! I am so lucky to be home all day with them all in school now (my youngest is in third grade) for 3 years. I have a lot of catching up to do and I have so much I want to make.
We used Silk Charmeuse and silk thread.

I made some postcards for friends who have had some health problems. I love making them, they are tiny little canvas's where you can do whatever you want.

I used triangles cut hexagons, silk waste ( which I discovered along with a million other cools things from two workshops I took with Christine Fries), variegated thread and Swarovski crystals.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

recycling shirts and donating more art

I finished my donation for the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I put a little binding on it. No crystals though, unusual for me...
I ended up making two quilts, I like to give back when I can. It was such a special thing to go to Houston last year. The IQA treated me so well that I wanted to say thank you. I hope they raise some money with my donations. I faced this one, I love the facing, it works well for a landscape.

Here are the supplies I used last week to recycle a shirt that had a stain on it. I bought the paints in Houston from Artistic Artifacts. I had the other stuff lying around. I learned (of course you always do with the first) I am looking forward to making more. I have a few shirts with stains...
Here is the shirt! It washed beautifully and I got a few compliments on it when I wore it the other day...I offered to do some for some friends, for practice.
I need help deciding which Murphy Bag to donate to a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Which one do you think I should donate?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Comfort Quilts and more Blue Willow

My guild, Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild, makes and donates comfort quilts. We have given quilts to hundreds of people. They go to people who are ill, lost a loved one, lost their home - basically anyone who needs comfort. My friend June made three tops just like this and let me quilt them while practicing on my Bernina quilting frame and my Bernina 440. I didn't take pictures of the first two but here is the third. I learn more every time I use it. I give you long-armers a lot of is very difficult! I did circles - varying sizes. I am practicing for my green and brown quilt for my bedroom.

I serge the edges of my quilts to keep them in good shape while they are being bound.
I washed the quilt so they are really puffy:) I had to wash it because the needle marks really showed on the white on white fabrics. Some of them had a lot of paint on them.

Below is the best shot to click on to see the quilting.

Below is a auction piece of the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I made it using left over pieces from my Blue Willow quilt (in an entry below). I had some trouble with my quilting on the white. I used a blue backing and every now and then you can see a hint of it. I should have used a white back. Lesson learned.
I had fun with my threads and stitches....
I appliquilted (did all my applique stitch after it was sandwiched with batting and backing) everything and now I am working on the quilting. It will be 20" x 20"when it's finished. I am really looking forward to going to Houston; seeing the quilts, vendors, friends, people, time away....