Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy

This picture was taken when I was in elementary school. My mother worked for the Melrose Evening News and he was planning a visit that day to her office. She let us miss school to see him. He was very nice as I recall and looking at the picture over the years I always thought he was handsome. My parents were divorced and I remember this seemed so much like a family photo. Also in the shot is my mother, my sister (in the cool patchwork blouse) and my brother John. He autographed the original photo "To the McKenna kids--nice to meet you! Ted Kennedy" We took it to school to show our teachers and classmates.

He is someone that cared about vets, firefighters, teachers and the vulnerable. I guess to a kid from Boston that was who we wanted as our Senator.

I got a notice from the AQS today that my quilt 197o's Corduroy was excepted into their Des Moines show. I was very happy to get a ribbon on it at the Lowell Quilt Festival. It was a teacher's choice award from Christine Fries Ureel. She was a featured quilter at the show. I wrote to her to thank her (she and I have been in contact because she is coming to my guild to lecture and teach in September) and she said she hadn't known it was "my" quilt. That was nice to know that she chose it because she liked and not because it was mine.
This is the border fabric and the inspiration for the piece. I used my hand dyed fabrics to make the flowers.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

I am participating in this great idea! You can is the link to the Iraqi Bundles of Love blog. There is also a Face Book page. Basically you get a medium size APO box ($11.95 to ship) from your post office...follow Art's (he is a Major in the Army serving in Iraq who has a wife and family members who are quilters) instructions on filling the box and send it to him. He'll do the rest. I love the idea of helping woman and girls less fortunate to sew/quilt. You can also visit and they will ship a bundle for you. The picture below is a request from Art to take a picture of my husband (an army vet) eating ice cream after sunset. It's a bowl of Hood Red Sox Caramel Comeback...he was happy to oblige.....

Here is the stack of fabrics I pulled from my stash...
Here is an overall shot of the stuff I am sending....
It feels good to pay it forward.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2010 Award Winning Quilts Calendar

I was excited to get the mail today...the calendar with my quilt came in the mail! It's so cool to see something you made in a product sold to so many people.

The other quilts are amazing and I have seen them all in person because they are all winning quilts from the International Quilt Festival 2008 Show. The page above has a nice write up about each quilt and quilter.
My quilt is the month of August which is perfect since I took the picture for the quilt in August. The garden looks just like that as I write.
Martingale Press prints the calendar and they did a beautiful job. Mary Green was so helpful they even sent me a disk of the shot the photographer, Brent Kane, took of my quilt for the calendar. You can read more about the here . It was part of a Round Robin Slice Quilt made with 7 woman who made a block for my quilt: Suzanne Thibeault, Louise Redding, Gail Niland, June Peckingam, Carol Middleton, Jane Lowell and Linda Ramrath. They each ended up with a quilt too.
They were on display as a special exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Festival. The pictures below show all the quilts.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Fall on Your Wall

I got a letter from the International Quilt Festival Houston asking me to donate a quilt for their silent auction during the show-so I will have a quilt in the IQF show after all :)Below is the quilt I made "Fall on Your Wall". I have made a few like this but this one is slightly larger and I handled the reflection differently. I couldn't believe I had that (the reflection) fabric in my stash. I wanted to use only batiks and I didn't want to buy any fabric. I quilted it on my new Bernina quilting frame and I am feeling a little more confident.

I tried to quilt in tree branches to fill the space. I used 5 different colored threads in the tree quilting and then I used a decorative quilting stitch to applique the trees down.
I not only found the perfect fabric for the reflection but I had the perfect variegated thread too!
Below is a picture of Griffin with the pillow he made. I told Paige and Griffin we would sew this summer and it finally happened. It went really well and it will happen again:) They both did such a good job with matching their squares and keeping the pattern that we laid out originally.

This is Paige with her pillow. We used fabrics that are in her bed quilt. She did and awesome job, too. They both enjoyed the stuffing part. I don't know what we will make next...maybe some grocery store bags.