Wednesday, October 08, 2008

making plans

Well, I am going to Houston! I found some roommates (really they found me but you know what I mean) They are members of and both of them have been to Houston before. One of them is a winner from the 2006 show. The other is a winner because she had the room reservation! The International Quilt Festival has 50,000 attendees each year. I will be gone from 10/28 to 11/2...I am so thankful my family is supportive of me going. I will miss a couple of things going on, Halloween for one. Halloween with 4 kids can be challanging with two parents:) I know Kevin can handle it and hopefully Morgan and Jillian will help Paige and Griffin with their costumes maybe they read my blog?)

Here are some photos of the quilt I sold this week. It is from a photo Kevin took of a waterfall at the Mumford River in Uxbridge, MA. I couldn't find the photo in my pictures but I think it is in his folder, I will look later. I made two of them, the other one is very similar but not exactly the same. There are NO crystals on it but lots of pretty threads and silk fabric. I got most of the Batik fabric at the quilter's loft in Webster MA. I heard they are closing:( I went with my friend Kathy - you can check out her blog from the link to the right of this page - finishing lines. She is an unbelievable quilter/artist and a great friend.

I sold 5 Murphybags this week! What a thrill to make something that you love and have other people want one too.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

IQF Winner

I got a phone call today...One of the best I have ever quilt "slice of life" won a cash prize at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I entered in the group category and so I share the honor with the 7 woman who made a block for my quilt: Suzanne Thibeault, Louise Redding, Gail Niland, June Peckingam, Carol Middleton, Jane Lowell and Linda Ramrath. The subject line was the heading of the email I got.
This is such an honor. I would love to go and receive the prize in person. I don't know if I can make it happen but I will try. Anyone have a friend in Houston that wouldn't mind a house guest:)?

I also entered the quilt below "Jade Willow" but it didn't get in.

I love the story of the blue willow and have a collection of blue willow plates. I made this quilt to be hung over the bed in our masterbedroom done in the same color scheme.
this is a close up of the willow tree, it's 3D I want to do that again, loved the results.

the color is off in this picture the true wall color is in the background of the quilt photo