Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a new adventure

I am thankful to be able to say all is well here. The kids are back to school and they are all happy and busy. Morgan is still working at the zoo, secretary of the Impact team and has a very heavy class load (junior year), Jillian is playing JV field hockey (she scored the winning goal last week) and taking tap/jazz and ballet, Paige is playing piano and Griffin is playing soccer. We are looking forward to the fall, we got a couple of pumpkins last weekend across the street. Vandervalk Christmas tree farm is across the street - great neighbors. They sell Christmas Trees in the winter, blueberries and lily's in the summer and pumpkins in the fall. We can walk home with all of that good stuff.

Kevin (3 miles), Paige and Griffin (1 mile) ran in the Douglas family fun run last Sunday and that was very cool. Kevin came in 27th out of 99 for his age group (43) not bad for a guy who never runs.

I get a lot of compliments on my bag seen in a post below...I have made some for friends for birthday gifts and I am teaching a class called What's Your Bag? I am planning to have a bag party at my friend Jen's house to launch my new line of hand~made bags. I am calling them Murphy Bags. Here is the write-up:
I make my bags with the user in mind. I want it to be functional and cool. I make each bag combining my favorite fabrics. They are all one-of-a-kind. There are at least 8 pockets in every bag. One large enough to hold a water bottle. I use two different fabrics for the pockets so you can remember which one holds your cell phone. I custom machine quilt each piece and add Swarovski crystals to them. My bags are light-weight, have comfortable handles and they are machine washable/air dry. I opened an esty.com account kathleenmurphy.etsy.com I will be adding more bags to the shop. I love to make them ~ each one is like an art-quilt.

I would love your feedback.