Friday, June 20, 2008

coming full circle and planting the seed....

Below is a picture of the Massachusetts Quilt I helped my daughter Paige's third grade class make for her teacher, Mrs. Berthao. The kids did all of the work, I quilted it and put on the binding. Some really nice parents and a quilting friend helped the kids with the wonder under part and the sewing of the sashing and the posts. I am amazed at the wonderful work. Each square is a symbol of Massachusetts. The label lists all the symbols and has a class picture. The teacher can use the quilt year after year with her students as they learn the unique symbols of our state. I love quilting with kids, they are so creative and it plants the seed for future quilters!

This my new license plate. I have always wanted a vanity plate.

Here is a shot of the Gallery where my quilts were hanging during Alumni Weekend at Framingham State College. The gallery is in a nice location in the newly renovated campus center building. The campus was beautiful and it was great to go and see an old professor of mine. I was lucky to have seen her because she is retiring. Her name is Sachko Fuji Beck and she is a wonderful artist. I wish her well. Life has come full circle, I had visited the gallery as an Art student here and now I had my own art on display. Wow.