Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shows over, back to life

The show was a success, whew. We had approximately 1,300 attendees. We had a state senator and state rep. come! It was so much fun to be there watching people enjoy all the quilts. We find we don't want to go home. Much like a wedding, you greet friends, take pictures and wonder at the end of the day, where did the time go.
This is a picture of my friends Shirley, Kathy and I standing with our replica's! The pattern is by Amy Bradley. So much fun to make. The quilts were a big hit at the show. I loved picking out what I would wear:) Her (my) beaded purse was made by my friend Sharon Thornton who lives in NC.

Below is our Slice House display. They were a big hit. Everyone was amazed at the work. One comment was what a generous guild we are. They were impress that we would work so hard on each others quilt and spend almost a year and a half on this project. We were asked by a few people if we could put them on display is some cool venues, more the follow.

This is a photo of a portion of the journal exhibit. There was a nice tribute to Karey Bresenhan at this display. She is the founder of the Quilt Journal Project. The journal quilts were really amazing. I loved reading what each quilter wrote.

It is great to be back to quilting just for the pure joy of it. I am looking forward to many projects that are waiting to be started/finished.

I sold 4 bags that I made for the boutique...I was happy about that.