Friday, February 22, 2008

time to blog

It has been crazy around here but I finally had time to upload pictures and blog a bit.

This is my slice house. Sixteen of us started this round robin in October of 2006. There were two rounds of eight quilters. We started the round after making a quilt for a friend who was moving to NC. You can read about that below. We each made a block for the people in the round. The owner of the quilt made their own front door. The quilters who worked on my house are starting from the top left clockwise: Suzanne Thibeault, June Peckingham, Louise Redding, Jane Lowell, Carol Middleton, Me, Gail Niland and Linda Ramrath. I am thrilled with the results of the quilt and it is hanging up over the fireplace, Kevin says it makes the room! Here is a detail of my block.

I made this tote bag during the weekend away with my guild. It is for an auction item for the Nipmuc Warriors Athletic booster club. I hope they make some money from the Auction and the bag. I jeweled it (of course) and I must say it was hard to part with.

I made this bag for my secret valentine. My quilt guild does a secret valentine swap and it is such a wonderful thing. The gifts that members make for each other are exceptional. I had my friend Shari this year. This bag was also made during our GAW and Shari was there too. I had her help me pick out the fabric for the bag. She did suspect that it was for her. I didn't care because I wanted her to like it, she can be hard to please:) I think she likes it. I added some funny stuff to it, that most of you reading wouldn't understand but we got a good laugh from it.