Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun with Friends

Yesterday my friends Kathy, Sharon and Gail came over and we played like little kids on the front lawn. They are all friends I have made through quilting and I feel lucky to have them as freinds. We started with all *found* fabrics, meaning we didn't purchase any new fabric for this adventure. Kathy brought some old linens which came out really cool. We also dyed some white velvet, and a sweater that I ruined in the laundry.

We had good results with the dye for the most part.
We approached it very unscientifically.
We did use the zip lock bag method again which was great.
We used the squeeze bottles this time and that made for some funky pieces.
We learned that using more dye does improve the depth of the color.
We tried some folding and elastics with some cool results.
We mixed dyes to get variations of color with good results.
We learned to do a glove check first, one pair had a hole in each of the pointer fingers, the wearer looked like an Iraqi voter:)
We didn't have any lunch, next time I will be better prepaired to feed my friends:)

What fun it was to sit on the grass on such a beautiful day waiting for the sun to dry our new treasures. I can't wait to do it again!

The fabric we started with.....

Waiting for the sun to do her part......

The finished products.....