Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jillian's Journal Quilt

This is my third journal quilt (for my quilt guilds show as a special exhibit - only guild members are participating) and it is my daughter Jillian, she will be 14 tomorrow 8/29! She is an awesome kid. Not only is she tall (5'8") and beautiful but she is a great student and athlete. She is currently trying out for JV soccer and she will no doubt make the team:) She is into fashion and photography and I am totally supporting her dream to become a stylist, I would love that job.

There were challenges to this little quilt, mainly that when I did some stitching on the hair it made the face fabric pucker. I used stabilizer but maybe not the right kind? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I put a couple of layers of batting under just the face and then a whole layer for the quilt, almost like trapunto.
The nose was a challenge, I ended up drawing it on. It has some stitching holes from a nose I tried on, but they actually accentuate the line so they can stay. I made the eyes and mouth. I will add a necklace with beads or crystals.

My goal is to make each of my kids and my husband and myself (during the month of that family members birthday - so far, so good.

Monday, August 27, 2007

new bag for me

I made a bag with my pattern from Robbi Joy Eklow's class in Lowell, MA ~ LOVE her quilts and her book! I used my hand dyed fabrics for the spirals and gears. It sure is hard to take the first cut into those pieces of fabric. I would have made it into a wall hanging but I thought it would be a fun bag. Isn't it happy looking? I was thinking about making it for someone else but I am going to keep it for me, I like it.

The end of the bag is funky - adds some curiosity :)

I did a lot of experimental quilting on this bag. There are tiny little circles to quilt. I am still practicing on my Aurora 440 using the BSR. I have been free motion quilting for 10 years so it is a little tricky to get used to, but I do love the even stitches. I prettied it up with crystals of course. This pattern lends it self very well to adding crystals, but I didn't want to be tacky :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

A class I am teaching at the Franklin Mill Store

This is a quilt I made for a class I am teaching this fall at the Franklin Mill Store in Franklin MA. The class will show you how to make a quilt from a photo using fusible fabric and machine quilting. I did all of the thread painting when I was quilting ~ in the past I have done some of the applique first but this time I did it all in one step. I practiced doing lots of different machine quilting and only stippled in one small spot. I love stippling and think it has it's place but I do think that using other stitches is fun and the possibilities are endless. I had permission from the photographer to use his photo.

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Tote Bag

Here is the tote bag I made for the fall/winter. I wear a lot of black in the winter and my new down jacket is plum. I made a summer version, too. I love this pattern http://www.quiltsillustrated.com/servlet/Detail?no=13 and I am teaching this class at the Franklin Mill in Franklin MA this fall. http://www.franklinmillstore.com/craft_classes.html

The photo below demonstrates the problem I had with the variegated thread I used (mentioned in a previous posting). The top half of the bag is before the alteration and the bottom is after. The fix is subtle but I am much happier now. I should have laid the thread out over the plum fabric so I could have seen that the light was too light. I fixed it by using a permanent fuchsia marker over the lightest areas of the thread. I don't like this solution but it was better than ripping out the stippling. I wanted the sample to be simple for people who want to make this bag but haven't done a lot of quilting. I put some jewels on it, of course, and I bought a hand made button at a quilt show.